Help children live free
from violence and trauma

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can provide a child affected by violence with their basic school supplies.
can give a Buddy Bag to a child entering emergency care, filled with essential items and a special teddy bear.
can fund one anti-bullying school workshop for Grade 9 students.
can provide one intensive therapy session for a traumatised child helping them to recover, heal and grow.
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Your donation today will
help children live free from violence and trauma.

Only when young people are safe can they also be happy, hopeful and strong.

It’s been our mission to protect their right to be safe for 25 years. You can help us do more.

For them. For 25 years. And for tomorrow.

Why your donation matters

Tillie's story

What would you take if you had to flee your home at a moment's notice?

Tillie*’s mum and dad fought – a lot.

In fact, Tillie and her mum felt like they were always walking on eggshells. The tiniest sound or thing out of place was enough to make Tillie’s dad violently angry.

It was exhausting and terrifying knowing he might snap, at any moment.

* Not her real name - names have been changed to protect privacy (stock photo used).

Help children and young people live free from violence and trauma.