Do it your way

Get creative for children! There are as many ways to help children who’ve experienced violence and trauma as there are great ideas in your head.

HOT TIP: You only need one great idea to get started!

You could chop off your luscious locks and have your friends sponsor your shave.  Or mark an “O” birthday by asking your oh-so-generous friends to donate in your honour. Or set up a wishing well at your wedding or baby shower. Or literally anything you can think of!

The important thing is to express yourself – and to fundraise – as you show your commitment to helping children who’ve experienced violence and trauma to heal recover and thrive.

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Ready to get started?

Register now, choose your fundraising target and set up your own fundraising page. Easy!

Once you’re set up, reach out to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, teammates. Ask anyone with a love of children to go purple with you and sponsor your event.

Best of all, every dollar you raise will help children and young people live free from violence and trauma. You’ll help fund programs and services to make sure children are safe, protected and valued. Wherever they live, learn and play.

Cass' new look is helping children recover from violence.

Cass had been growing her dreadlocks for seven years. Although Cass loved her hair, she realised she could raise money for a cause she cared about by getting the chop.

Cass held a fundraising event for friends and family who donated money to the Alannah & Madeline Foundation – and chopped off a dreadlock each.  

“I used to be a youth worker so I've seen firsthand the support that young people need. Knowing I could raise money and support such a great foundation meant a lot” – Cass

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