, help give a Buddy Bag full of care to a child escaping violence.

Last Christmas, family violence left Emma terrified. And traumatised.

Emma* spent last Christmas hiding in her room, trying to read.

It was the only way she could distract herself from the terrible sounds outside her bedroom door. The sounds of shouting, screaming and violence.

, family violence - the kind Emma experienced - rises sharply over Christmas. As a result, terrified, traumatised children like Emma will soon be arriving in crisis accommodation.

Those children urgently need extra comfort and care. Will you help provide it? Donate now to help send a Buddy Bag to a child who's escaped violence.

Everything inside a Buddy Bag has been carefully chosen to help children through the first hours and days in crisis accommodation.

When Emma and her mum fled their home, they left with just the clothes on their backs. It’s a common story. Which is why each Buddy Bag contains essential items including new underwear, cosy pyjamas and toiletries. There’s also a book, a toy and a teddy for whenever a child like Emma needs a cuddle.

By helping to provide a Buddy Bag, you’re giving kindness to a child who’s reeling from extreme violence, fled their home, and left everything they know behind.

You’ll help them feel welcome and safe when they arrive in crisis accommodation. 

Most importantly, the Buddy Bag you provide will help a traumatised child take the first steps on their journey to healing and recover. 

Please, donate generously this Christmas.

*This is a true account, but the names have been changed to protect Emma's safety and privacy.

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can help provide Buddy Bags and bring care and comfort to children who've fled violence.
can give Buddy Bags full of essential items to children who've left everything they know behind.
can help children feel welcome and cared for when they arrive in crisis accommodation.
can help children take an important first step in their journey to healing and recovery.

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Help children and young people live free from violence and trauma.