For Clubs

Activate your club

Create a Club Catch Challenge team and invite your junior cricketers to join and together your community can help children to live happy, safe and strong! protect children! 

We guarantee your junior cricketers will love racing the clock to test their catching skills, earning fundraising badges and collecting donations to help other children who have experienced violence and trauma. 

Your junior cricketers can catch at home, training or before a game – anywhere they want! Even add the challenge to their training warm up when they are together as a team.  

Time to promote & fundraise

Once you have created your team, its time to invite your junior cricketers to join and start fundraising. The challenge starts from Saturday 22 October and runs until Sunday 30 October. You can create your team page by clicking the Club option on the registration form.  

Your junior cricketers sign up by clicking the Catcher option on the registration form, and once they add in their details, they click Join a team and search your team’s name.  

Don’t forget to view all the resources we have available like posters, social media tiles and email signatures to help spread the word and raise funds. Click here 

At the end of the challenge – it's time to 'Celebrate'

As your Club and young cricketers, complete the nine-day challenge, at the end of the challenge, get your club to go purple by organising a catch party. 

It’s your chance to tally the catches of every child who took the Club Catch Challenge – and celebrate the total amount you’ve raised together to help children who have experienced violence and trauma. To celebrate, you could ask your club members to go purple at training, or even hold a festive spring BBQ. No idea is to big or small! 

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