, please turn hurt into healing for children like Jenny.

Your kindness is urgently needed to support children in need.

By the time Jenny* was just 4, family violence had stolen her childhood and was threatening to derail her future.

, your help is urgently needed to provide children like Jenny with the one-on-one therapeutic support they need to turn hurt into healing.

Jenny needed someone to count on.

Jenny's home was a place of violence, terror and uncertainty. She lived in near constant fear of her volatile and unpredictable father.

Even though it wasn't safe, Jenny's home was the only one she knew, and she was scared of being separated from her mum and taken into a strange and unfamiliar place.

A donation from you today can help turn hurt into healing for children like Jenny.

*Names have been changed to protect Jenny's safety and privacy.

Your tax-deductible donation will support children on their journey of healing.

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can help provide a child with individually tailored support at school.
can help provide art and activities for a child to process their trauma.
can help provide ongoing, one-on-one sessions with a Children Ahead therapist.
can help fund family activities that nurture healing, self-esteem and healthy relationships.

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, please donate now to protect more children like Jenny from the lifelong impacts of trauma.

Jenny spent a year working with her case worker Janis, who helped her express and come to terms with pain and hurt she experienced.

At the same time, Janis worked with Jenny's mum to give her the practical and emotional support she needed to make the decision to heave her husband and create a safe new home for Jenny.

Help children and young people live free from violence and trauma.