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Join our community of monthly donors and be part of the fight to keep children safe wherever they live, learn and play.

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can provide basic school supplies for a child who’s experienced violence.
can give a Buddy Bag to a child entering emergency care, filled with essential items and a special teddy bear.
can fund an anti-bullying school workshop for Grade 9 students.
can provide one-on-one therapy sessions for a child living with trauma, to help them heal, recover and thrive.

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Make a difference with an ongoing donation

Every year, more than 13,000 children will be removed from violent and abusive homes. Many of them will arrive at foster care with nothing except the clothes on their backs.

Our day to day operations to support these children depend on donors like you. Your monthly support ensures that we're always there to help. 

From Buddy Bags filled with essential items and a comforting toy, to one-on-one expert care to help children heal, you can be there for them, when they need it most.

Learn how a Buddy Bag made things better for Millie, her brother Aaron and sister Jessica.

“Thank you to the generous people in our community who donate to provide Buddy Bags for children. On one of the darkest days of their lives, Millie, Aaron and Jessica experienced such happiness to open their Buddy Bags and discover all the special things inside they could keep for themselves.”

- Peta
*, social worker. 

For children in need, one backpack can mean the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Alannah & Madeline Foundation do?

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The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to keeping children and young people safe where they live, learn and play.  

We fight for the rights of children, not just because children are precious – they are – and not just because our instinct is to protect them from the world – it is – but because only when young people are safe can they also be happy, hopeful and strong. 

What happens when I become a monthly donor?

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Generous people just like you across Australia are helping to make a difference in the lives of children who have been impacted by violence. 

By becoming a regular giver, you are supporting the work of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation by making an automatic donation every month by credit card. 

Your ongoing support means we can be there for children facing crisis in Australia when they need it most.

Where does my monthly donation go?

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Your regular donation to the Alannah & Madeline Foundation will help deliver expert support to children impacted by violence and trauma, to feel comforted, safe, valued, and loved. Without your support, many children who’ve experienced extreme violence and trauma may never receive the help they need to recover. They could simply fall through the cracks. 

Your gifts also fund services that help children and young people heal, recover and thrive. Your donation ensures these programs and services can not only continue to operate but can be offered to more children and young people who urgently need them. 

Is my donation tax deductible?

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Yes, all donations to the Alannah & Madeline Foundation over $2 are tax deductible.

When will my donation be deducted?

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Your first donation will be deducted when you sign up to become a monthly donor. Your next (and subsequent) donations will be deducted on the date that you choose.

Will I recieve a receipt?

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Absolutely! After you sign up to become a monthly donor, your first gift is deducted on the day and you will receive a receipt by email. 

At the end of the financial year, we will send you an annual receipt detailing your donations over the past financial year.

How can I update my contact or credit card details?

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You can contact our team to make any changes to your monthly donation. Please email or phone our friendly team on 1300 720 747 between 9am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

To help us with your request, we will need your full name, phone number and email address. 

In order to help keep your data safe, please don't include your credit card details in your email.

Can I pause or make changes to my monthly donation?

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At Alannah & Madeline Foundation, we believe that small acts of generosity can create lasting change and we are so grateful for your contribution to helping children heal, recover and thrive.

We understand that people's circumstances change and we are here to help you find ways that better meet your financial circumstances without diminishing your impact.

Whether you decide to reduce your monthly donation amount or you are considering pausing your gift for a few months, simply contact our team.

Telephone: 1300 720 747

How do I get in touch?

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If you have any questions about how you can best support the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, please contact us between 9am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

Telephone: 1300 720 747

Donate now and you’ll help children recover from violence and trauma.