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Run Prix Fun Run

Thanks for visiting my fund raising page. Im committed to running a 10km fun run on Sunday 24th September (2 laps around Albert Park race track) and helping raise money for the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Good mate Brownie told me to join his fund raising team whilst im trying to get fit. Im training to do it without stopping so please dig deep for the fundraiser - every bit counts. Cheers, Heath.  

My Updates

A&M Foundation - Article

Monday 2nd Oct

Hi guys, just a quick update. Alannah and Madeline Foundation have done a story on our fundraising. It’s our fundraising because everyone helped hit the target and smashed it. Check it out. 


Job Complete

Sunday 24th Sep
The run is done. Thoroughly enjoyed the build up, the interest it has generated, everyone’s support and sponsorship, and especially Browny for coughing up and paying the after breaky bill - Thanks Brownie for encouraging me to get involved, Rose for being our unofficial photographer, Katherine and Connor as running buddies and looking forward to our next next run. 

We did it without stopping and my time was approx 53.35  minutes for the ten k’s. I’m pretty happy with that. 

I’ll get some photos from the fun run website and a bit more of a final update later. A few photos uploaded already from Rose. 

Magnificent day for a morning run and now some time to relax and plan the next one. 

The time has come

Sunday 24th Sep
The time has come for me to stop talking and just Doooooo. Thanks Matty Hart for those recycled inspirational words. Got my kit on supporting Alannah and am Madeline Foundation and ready to rock and roll. Checkout my gallery. More to come shortly. Run time is 7.55am.  

Still walking and running

Thursday 21st Sep
I’m still training hard even though the run is on Sunday. Had my last 4km training run tonight and walking 3km at lunch each day in my old runners (see photo gallery). Even doing an alcohol free week so anyone that knows me will tell you I’m serious about completing my challenge. A couple more walks tomorrow and Saturday and then I’m smashing it out on Sunday with Brownie and the team. Looking forward to it and then relaxing all arvo with the misses. Time for more cash if anyone knows anyone who wants to get rid of some cash. You can always get some more cash anyway.. I’ll take what cash you don’t want if you know what I mean. Cash cash cash. I’ll be updating before and after the run too. Thanks for reading my updates. 

Practice Run with Brownie.

Sunday 10th Sep
2 weeks to go and just completed a practice run with Brownie. 4.46km each way. - photo  in gallery. Flat ground a bit like the fun run track around Albert Park. Looking forward to smashing 10k on the day.. 

New Equipment

Tuesday 5th Sep
Check out the new rubber in gallery . I’m breaking them in so they are good to go on the big day. An early birthday present from my biggest supporter - the good lady - aka Rose. 


Thursday 31st Aug
Hey guys, I’m not on Facebook but don’t be scared to forward my link to A&M foundation page - you have my full authority / permission to do so, in fact, anyone that does and sends me a photo or screen shot of it, I’ll buy them a frothy or bubbles at the pub. 4K, cmon - smash it. 

24 days to go !

Thursday 31st Aug
Well it’s almost time to earn my sponsorship. In 24 days I’m smashing out those 10k and delivering that fundraising money to Alannah and Madeline foundation. Massive thanks to everyone who has contributed and encouraged me to complete the challenge. Over $3600 raised and still time to get some more. If you haven’t sponsored just get on board. If you have sponsored, tell someone else to sponsor me. If you’re thinking about sponsoring stop and do it. I’m going to try to get to 4K before the run so get on board. If we get to 4K, I’ll chip in another $200. Don’t think, just DO. 

14 Days in - so much support

Saturday 22nd Jul
WOW - Hi and massive thank you to everybody that has contributed to a massive total of $3500 and still growing. I’m very lucky to have a fantastic network of friends, family and contacts who have very generously sponsored me in raising money for kids in need and pushing me to hit my goal. I’ve still got 8 weeks to go and I’m going to hit up some new contacts in my local council, favourite tool shops, perhaps old schools - everyone I can think of.. totally blown away by the response for a great cause. I’ve built up my stamina now and will be doing a practice run with Brownie soon to see where I’m at. I know I’ve got to keep on training to be able to smash it on the day.. more updates coming. What a response from everybody - totally amazing.. 

5 days in - totally crazy

Wednesday 12th Jul
Still smashing it - can’t believe it. The number of people just throwing money to me to run for the fund raiser. Don’t know what to say except thank you to everybody who has sponsored and encouraged me. Remembering it’s about raising funds so I’ll just keep on trying to do that. Everybody is awesome at donating money - the tally now sits at just shy of 2.5k. Like I said before - totally crazy. 

3 days in - OMG

Monday 10th Jul
Hi all visitors to my get fit and raise money whilst doing it page. It’s amazing the amount of generosity everyone is showing. Maybe because they think a run will do me good, or maybe because they want to help a worthy cause. I don’t know but after 3 days, I’ve smashed my target of $1500. Thank you to everyone who has visited and or contributed and or encouraged me to smash out those 10k. It’s really making me more pumped to do it for everyone and raise more $. Awesome response from everyone and hopefully more to come. I’m only a 1/3 of the way into my contacts so if you know someone who hasn’t received the text, tell them don’t worry, it’s coming. Just awesome. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Inform Building Permits Pty Ltd

Good work Heath, don’t have a heart attack and expect a day off 😎


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YOU GOT THIS HEATH - Well done you!


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Heath Bruhn


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You Go Heath! Your dedication and determination is very inspiring!


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